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Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund

Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund is a non-profit association financed by donations and bequests.

Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund aims to promote children’s health care at Uppsala University Hospital by:

  • stimulate the healthy within the sick child,
  • support the healing environment and the development of nursing of the sick child
  • promote a stimulating milieu

Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund is a foundation formed in 2005. It is independent of the hospital and has a board of directors who work as volunteers.

It is important that the sick child must be a child who developes despite their illness. Therefore, the Fund has as its sole mission is to promote the play, stimulation and culture for children at Uppsala University Hospital. The fund appears wherever the hospital cares for sick children.

Money is used for toys, games and culture for children who are treated at the hospital. Putting puzzles, chatting on the computer, watching movies, reading books or just talk to an adult can do miracles with the healthy of the sick child.
We also work with larger projects. For children and adolescents.

We have ongoing dialogue with representatives from the hospital on the needs and desires. The assets are solely those of sponsors and private donors.

The Fund receives no financial support from the state, county councils or municipalities. The foundation is completely dependant on generous donations from companies, other foundations and private citizens. The foundation holds a Swedish 90-account and is therefore under strict, yearly, regulation by The Swedish Foundation for Regulated Donations (Svensk Insamlingskontroll) in association with ICFO (International Committee for Fundraising Organizations).

Karina Berglund Douhan, Chairman
+46 733 706756